Explore High Park in Autumn

Fall is a wonderful time to explore High Park and enjoy the fall colours.

Fall Colour - High Park Trees & Grasses
In the fall, see High Park's tall prairie grasses on the oak savannah.
Getting Ready for Winter
Autumn is a busy time for High Park's animals such as this chipmunk.
Fall Leaves
Several different species of oaks are found in High Park.
Celebrate Fall in High Park

Fall Walking Tours and Nature Hikes.



Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019, 12pm to 5pm.

Enjoy the harvest in High Park with artisans, local food, community organizations, museum friends, music, dance, pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and more.

South end of High Park at Colborne Lodge & the Children’s Garden.

Fall Migration - Birds
You may spot a hummingbird hovering at bright flowers in High Park's ornamental gardens. More about birds.
Fall Migration - Ducks at Grenadier Pond
During the fall, Northern Shoveller and other ducks feed at Grenadier Pond before they head south.
Hawk Hill in Autumn
Photo by Katherine Pawling. More art and photography
At the Hawk Watch
Thousands of hawks fly over High Park during the fall months. Drop by Hawk Hill to see the action!
Lower Duck Pond
Besides Grenadier Pond, there are several other ponds in High Park. Check them out for beautiful fall colour!
Fall Insects in High Park
High Park's oak savannah and gardens are alive with insects in the fall. Watch for migrating butterflies and dragonflies.

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