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High Park Stewards meet on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of each month, rain or shine.







2017 Upcoming Sessions

Waiver Form All Stewards need to sign a City waiver document once a year. To save time at the sessions please print and fill out these 2 pages prior to coming. We will also have them on site.


Buckthorn Busting and Pot-luck lunch: Nov 26

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This is the last session this year. Our winter speaker series will begin on Jan. 28, 2018

Buckthorn Busting is a very popular activity for students who want to collect volunteer hours and for anyone who likes being outdoors and finds satisfaction in helping our restoration efforts by clearing large areas of this invasive shrub. You can really see the difference a few hours of work has already made.

Please meet us at 10:30 am. at the site for BUCKTHORN BUSTING. Rain or Shine (not during a thunderstorm or blizzard)

SITE LOCATION: 7C (from Howard Park Ave and Parkside Dr., starting where we left off, follow the path into the park) map to site 7C

This session will be followed by a pot-luck lunch at the HOWARD PARK TENNIS CLUB, 430 Parkside Drive (at 12:30pm). If you are bringing food please drop it off before the session at the Tennis Club (starting at 10:15am). Be aware that there is no refrigerator so don't bring anything that will spoil.

Buckthorn Busting Oct 22, 2017
A great start on site 7C
Buckthorn Busting Oct 22, 2017
Compacting the Buckthorn before stacking it

More on Buckthorn: This highly invasive shrub forms dense even-aged thickets that often cause an overall reduction in the establishment of shade tolerant native shrubs and herbs. It rapidly produces seeds early in the season that are highly viable and germinate quickly.

European Buckthorn on Invasive Plants Atlas and European Buckthorn (pdf) and HPN Invasive Plants

Becoming a Buckthorn Buster
photo from October 2015
Buckthorn plants produce a huge amount of seeds
Let's catch them before they spread
We collected at least 3 truckfulls
photo from October 23, 2011
Buckthorn busting is great for students
collect volunteer hours
Buckthorn Busters 2015
November 22, 2015
Some plants have sticky seeds
please do not wear fleece or other non-smooth clothes

2017 Upcoming Sessions

About our stewardship program

The Boulevard Bed Group
October 27, 2013
End of Year Pot-Luck Lunch
November 27, 2016
We love to transplant in the Greenhouse
preparing plants for our sale and the park
Buckthorn Busting in the fall
October and November
Seed Collecting in late summer
in the Nursery and Tablelands
We have planted in 5 sites in the last 5 years
June 2015
Planting in the All-Star site
June 2009
Seeds Cleaning is a favourite activity
February 2015

Upcoming sessions

Schedule for 2017, subject to change based on weather and need

2017 Winter and Spring Sessions

Boulevard Beds Work Schedule

  • Jan. 22 - Stewards 20th anniversary
  • Feb. 12 - Greenhouse - Seed cleaning
  • Feb. 26 - Presentation - Biological control of Invasive plant species with W.D. McIlveen
  • March 12 - Greenhouse - Transplanting (existing stewards only, space is limited) SET CLOCKS AHEAD ONE HOUR SAT. NIGHT
  • March 26 - Presentation - Native Plants in your garden with Lorraine Johnson
  • April 9 - Nursery Cleanup (and BBeds Fence Post installation)
  • April 23 - Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation: protection of water and Toronto's ravines; creating complete communities through urban intensification. (and BBeds Fence Post installation)
  • May 7 - Native Plant Sale at the Greenhouse
  • TBA - BBeds special session: remove cold season grasses & weeds/transplant wildflowers & grasses

2017 summer and fall sessions

  • May 28 - Garlic Mustard Removal (and BBeds remove cold season grasses & weeds/transplant wildflowers & grasses
  • June 11 - Spring planting (and BBeds laying sand on beds - extra time needed?
  • June 25 - Invasive plant Removal (and BBeds planting of wildflowers and grasses
  • July 9 - Invasive plant Removal (and BBeds maintenance - remove weeds, litter, & water)
  • July 23 - Invasive plant Removal (and BBeds maintenance)
  • Aug 13 - Invasive plant Removal (and BBeds maintenance)
  • Aug 27 - Invasive plant Removal (and BBeds maintenance)
  • Sept 10 - Fall planting (and BBeds fall planting/transplant wildflowers & grasses)
  • Sept 24 - Seed collecting (and BBeds fall planting/transplant wildflowers & grasses)
  • Oct 22 - Buckthorn Busting (and BBeds remove cold season grasses & weeds/raking/cut back perennials and grasses/harvest and scatter seeds
  • Nov 12 - Buckthorn Busting (and BBeds remove cold season grasses & weeds/raking/cut back perennials and grasses)
  • Nov 26 - Buckthorn Busting and Pot-luck lunch (and BBeds prepare bbeds for winter)

High Park Stewards Facebook Invasive Squad info

The Boulevard Bed Squad will have most of their sessions at the same date and time as our regular ones. Contact stewards@highparknature.org if you would like to join them for extra information.

Outdoor sessions are dependent on weather and growing conditions and what is determined to be the greatest need for our volunteer efforts.


High Park Stewards meet on the second and fourth Sundays of each month, rain or shine.


About the High Park Stewards and 2016 Past Sessions


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2015 session dates and draft topics and the Stewards 2014 Brochure

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Mailing address for legal purposes: High Park Stewards c/o High Park Nature Centre, PO Box 30044, Toronto, ON M6P 3K0


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