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High Park Stewards meet on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of each month, rain or shine.


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High Park Stewards meet on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of each month, rain or shine.








List of 2020 Sessions

About our stewardship program

Stewards Sign-up Form

Waiver Form All Stewards need to sign a City waiver document once a year when working in the park. To save time at the sessions please print and fill out these 2 pages prior to coming to work sessions. We will also have them on site. Waiver Form Instructions

Stewards Session Greeter and Boulevard Beds Group sign-up form Please fill out the form to be a greeter at the sessions that you select and/or if you wish to be part of the regular Boulevard Beds group.

Stewards High Park Stewards 2019 Work Summary Check out what we have accomplished in 2019!

NEW JULY 2020: Online Meetings and Resources

Urban Forestry has cancelled volunteer events and programs until further notice. Please see below for other online activities. Emails will be sent to Stewards when the situation changes. Email stewards@highparknature.org to be added to our list.

Webinars, Training and online meetings


High Park Stewards At-Home Activities

Hello High Park Stewards! Since field events will not be starting this month due to COVID-19, we're trying something new and different! Every two weeks, there will be a package made available on the High Park Nature website of at-home resources, projects, and activities for those who are interested in continuing to connect with and contribute to the natural environment during this time of physical distancing. Each package will include a project or activity that you can try at home, ecology-related resources, and nature-based self-care ideas. You can do as little or as much as you would like!

A series of activities for Stewards from Jaclyn Scobie

Week 1: Growing leafy greens and herbs from those leftover pieces in the fridge!

Week 2: Make your own reusable bags

Week 3: Do a bird survey from your window, balcony or backyard!

Week 4: Do-It-Yourself: Help Lake Ontario and make your own eco-friendly household cleaners!

Week 5: Do-It-Yourself: Container Gardening with Vegetables!



Speaker: Heather Jerrard, Landscape Designer View Recording of Presentation from June 14

ONLINE MEETING 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Heather Jerrard shows us interesting plant specimens, gardening tips and tricks and combinations for low maintenance outdoor spaces..

You're invited to attend this special, online presentation about interesting plant specimens, conversation starters in the garden, natives, edibles, and planting combinations for outdoor spaces combined with some tips and tricks for keeping a low-maintenance landscape.

Since the arrival of COVID-19 and the official state of emergency being announced, more people are asking about growing food, planting edibles, incorporating natives and dual-purpose plantings into their landscape. All of these topics and more will be discussed.


Heather Jerrard, is a landscape professional in London, Ontario. Having worked with Landscape Ontario in Milton, Rural Roots Landscaping in Lambeth and TLC Landscaping Design & Pools in London as well as graduating from the Landscape Design program at Fanshawe College - Heather is THRILLED to be bringing her expertise to an online audience for the first time. She speaks annually at the Lifestyle Home and Garden Show in London about all things to do with outdoor plants and has a local reputation for being a bit of a "plant nerd".

Stay home; stay safe - let's grow together!

Garden Artist Ontario Facebook

Inspiration Boards - Pinterest


March 22, Project Swallowtail is now available online.

view the March 22 presentation on-line and and Project Swallowtail website

Speakers: Ryan Godfrey, Nature Connected Communities, WWF-Canada, Peter Ewins, Lead Specialist, Species Conservation at World Wildlife Fund-Canada and Clement Kent, past chair of The Horticultural Societies of Parkdale & Toronto, and retired adjunct professor at York University Dept. of Biology

The first hour features details about the project, then highlight the main steps to get started, followed by time for online/phone Q-A and discussion with the presenters.

Project Swallowtail is a pilot initiative launching this spring in west Toronto neighbourhoods. It’s designed to restore habitat for pollinators in gardens, on balconies and other green spaces, with a special focus on restoring the host plants of six Swallowtail butterfly species. And we invite you to participate!

Please join Clement Kent, (past chair of The Horticultural Societies of Parkdale & Toronto, and retired adjunct professor at York University Dept. of Biology), along with Ryan Godfrey and Pete Ewins from WWF-Canada, on Sunday morning online via Zoom, to learn more about the project and how you can be involved. In these challenging times, we are hoping that people will be able to get out into their gardens and balconies/patios very soon! We invite you to learn what it means to become a Block Ambassador for Project Swallowtail and help your neighbours join the project, one street at a time.

In The Zone: Gardens that help native species thrive, (www.inthezonegardens.ca) a program of WWF and Carolinian Canada, is a big part of this, along with other collaborating organisations. In southern Ontario’s Carolinian Zone, the In The Zone program engages people to grow native plants and create healthy and resilient habitat for wildlife, providing nature-based climate solutions as well as multiple co-benefits for a healthy future for people and nature.

Project Swallowtail blog

In the Zone Gardens

BLOCK AMBASSADORS NEEDED (when we can meet in person again)

Block Ambassador detailed information

Block Ambassador Sign-Up Form

We’re looking for volunteers interested in becoming Block Ambassadors for a habitat restoration initiative in west Toronto: Project Swallowtail. Together we can restore habitat and healthy ecosystems in our neighbourhoods and see the return of the magnificent Swallowtail butterflies.

  • You don't need to be a plant or pollinator expert.
  • You don't need to have a garden
  • You do need to like talking to your neighbours and helping them plant native plants (a.k.a the gold standard for pollinators and wildlife


  • World Wildlife Fund Canada
  • Horticultural Societies of Parkdale and Toronto
  • Pollinator Partnership Canada
  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • High Park Stewards
  • LEAF
  • City of Toronto Parks and Forestry
  • Business Improvement Associations
  • Toronto Botanical Garden
  • North American Native Plant Society


Boulevard Beds

Volunteer stewardship work continues in the Boulevard Beds lining the east edge of The Grenadier parking lot. The fencing project is ongoing and we are looking into ideas for rope to drape between the posts. Volunteers are welcome to help with maintenance that includes: weeding, pruning, transplanting, raking and sweeping. Our design will be enhanced through the addition of native plants to some areas, especially the curb edge of the North Bed. All tools will be provided, but dress in layers, bring sunscreen, water, a hat and closed shoes.

Native plants awaken in the Boulevard Beds
April 22, 2012
Stewards Cleanup and Transplanting
be part of the Boulevard Bed redesign
We're ready to plant again!
June 2017
The locates are in so we can build fences
Spring 2014


Stewards through the Year

Spring 2016 planting Group
June 12, 2016
Plants originate in the Native Plant Greenhouse
June 12, 2016
The Boulevard Bed Group
October 27, 2013
End of Year Pot-Luck Lunch
November 27, 2016
We love to transplant in the Greenhouse
preparing plants for our sale and the park
Buckthorn Busting in the fall
October and November
Seed Collecting in late summer
in the Nursery and Tablelands
We have planted in 5 sites in the last 5 years
June 2015
Planting in the All-Star site
June 2009
Seeds Cleaning is a favourite activity
February 2015
Becoming a Buckthorn Buster
photo from October 2015
Buckthorn plants produce a huge amount of seeds
Let's catch them before they spread

2020 Proposed Sessions

Schedule for 2020, subject to change based on weather and need

10:30 am to 12:30 pm. to current session details


The Boulevard Bed Squad will have most of their sessions at the same date and time as our regular ones. Contact stewards@highparknature.org if you would like to join them, and for extra information.

Winter Sessions (subject to change)

  • Jan. 12 - How Healthy is High Park? Urban Forestry Update, Monitoring*
  • Jan. 26 - Indigenous Stewardship
  • Feb. 9 - Greenhouse - Seed cleaning (by invite only - existing active stewards only, space is limited)
  • Feb. 23 - Sean James: Gardening: Beautiful Blooms for Birds and Bees
  • March 8 - Greenhouse - Planting Seeds (by invite only - existing active stewards only, space is limited) SET CLOCKS AHEAD ONE HOUR SAT. NIGHT
  • March 22 - Project Swallowtail, creating neighbourhood pollinator corridors
  • April 12 - Easter (no session today)'''
  • April 26 - Container Gardening with Native Plants with Ryan Godfrey and (Boulevard Bed Spring Cleanup and Transplant Tall Grasses)
  • May 10 - Garlic Mustard Removal and Boulevard Beds Spring Cleanup

Sessions with * are held at the Howard Park Tennis Club, 430 Parkside Drive

Spring and Summer Sessions (subject to change)

  • May 24 - Garlic Mustard Removal (Boulevard Beds fencing in Middle and North Beds)
  • June 14 - Spring planting in the Tablelands (Boulevard Beds contouring of South Beds)
  • June 28 - Invasive plant Removal (Boulevard Beds contouring of South Beds)
  • July 12 - Invasive plant Removal (Boulevard Beds maintenance - remove weeds, litter)
  • July 26 - Invasive plant Removal (Boulevard Beds maintenance)
  • Aug 9 - Invasive plant Removal (Boulevard Beds maintenance)
  • Aug 23 - Native Plant Sale at the Greenhouse

Fall Sessions (subject to change)

  • Sept 13 - Fall planting (prepare Boulevard Beds for fall planting)
  • Sept 27 - Seed collecting (Boulevard Beds fall planting/transplant wildflowers & grasses)
  • Oct 11 - Thanksgiving (no session today)
  • Oct 25 - Buckthorn Busting (Boulevard Beds cleanup/rake/cut back perennials and grasses/harvest and scatter seeds)
  • Nov 8 - Buckthorn Busting (Boulevard Beds Cleanup)
  • Nov 22 - Buckthorn Busting and Pot-luck lunch (prepare Boulevard Beds for winter)

High Park Stewards Facebook Invasive Squad info

The Boulevard Bed Squad will have most of their sessions at the same date and time as our regular ones. Contact stewards@highparknature.org if you would like to join them, and for extra information.

Outdoor sessions are dependent on weather and growing conditions and what is determined to be the greatest need for our volunteer efforts.


High Park Stewards meet on the second and fourth Sundays of each month, rain or shine.


About the High Park Stewards and Past Sessions


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If you would like to be added to the email list please email stewards@highparknature.org.

Mailing address for legal purposes: High Park Stewards c/o High Park Nature Centre, PO Box 30044, Toronto, ON M6P 3K0


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