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HIGH PARK NATURE is a joint project of the High Park Natural Environment Committee and High Park Stewards. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, articles and photos. Please contact us at mail@highparknature.org

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Responsible Use 

Responsible Use

Please enjoy the park in a responsible manner so it can be enjoyed by others now and for generations to come. The park is used by so many people. Actions that may seem relatively harmless (such as picking flowers, feeding ducks or letting a dog run off-trail) can have serious consequences if they are repeated by many other park visitors. Please remember you are not just one person, but one of many.


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Park Rules


608-34. Dogs.

A. While in a park, no person as owner or person having control of a dog shall:

  • (1) Excluding a working dog providing a service to the City, allow the dog to run at large, except in a posted designated off-leash area;
  • (2) Excluding blind persons reliant upon a guide dog, and a working dog providing a service to the City, allow the dog to enter a prohibited area;
  • (3) Install or construct any type of dog control fence or barrier;
  • (4) Use a stun gun or similar electronic or battery-operated device to harm or control the dog;
  • (5) Excluding blind persons reliant upon a guide dog, and a working dog providing a service to the City, allow the dog to enter a swimming beach except between November 1 and March 31; or
  • (6) Allow a dog to enter a designated off-leash area if the dog is required to be equipped with a muzzle or secured by a leash under:
    • (a) A notice issued under Chapter 349, Animals; or
    • (b) The Dog Owners' Liability Act or an order issued under that Act.

B. Despite 608-34A(5), dogs are permitted off-leash below the snow fence line at Kew-Balmy Beach and Woodbine Beach between November 1 and March 31.

C. While in a park, every person as owner or person having control of a dog shall:

  • (1) Ensure that it is on a leash or chain not exceeding 2.4 metres in length when not running at large in a posted designated off-leash area;
  • (2) Excluding disabled persons, pick up and immediately remove excrement left by the dog and dispose of it in a sanitary manner in a receptacle for litter or in some other suitable container;
  • (3) Not leave the dog unattended in a park or designated off-leash area;
  • (4) Keep the dog in sight and under care and control at all times;
  • (5) Repair any holes dug by the dog under their control;
  • (6) Ensure that female dogs in heat are on a leash or chain at all times and do not enter a designated off-leash area; and
  • (7) Not allow a dog to enter a designated off-leash area except in accordance with the posted conditions of use.

Code of Conduct for Off Leash Area*

  • Comply with all signs and boundaries.
  • Dog(s) must be on leash at all times except when in the designated off-leash area.
  • All dog(s) must have a visible municipal license affixed to the dog(s).
  • Dog(s) must remain in off-leash area so as not to trample or endanger plant material and other park resources.
  • Dog(s) excluded from off-leash areas include:
* Pit Bulls or other dangerous animal
* Female dogs in heat
* Any dog(s) that has been issued a muzzle order by the Medical Officer of Health.
  • Dogs shall not chase wildlife.
  • Pick up after your dog(s) and place waste in receptacle or take home for disposal.
  • Keep dogs in sight and under control at all times.
  • Do not leave dog(s) unattended while in off-leash area.
  • Repair holes dug by the dog(s) under your control.

* Violation of Bylaws is punishable by fines.

Foraging Not Permitted

The injury and removal of plants in public parks, forests and ravines is prohibited by the Toronto Parks Bylaw, Chapter 608.

608-6. Injury and damage.

No person shall in a park:

  • Climb a building, structure or equipment, unless it is equipment designed for climbing;
  • Break, injure, deface, destroy, move or remove the whole or any part of a flower, plant material, fungus, tree or other vegetation or a building, structure, equipment or other property of the City;
  • Unless authorized by permit, climb, move or remove the whole or any part of a tree, rock, boulder, rock face or remove soil, sand or wood;
  • In any manner, disturb ground which is under repair, prepared for planting, has been newly seeded or sodded or is in an area posted to that effect;
  • Drive, park or walk in an area posted to prohibit the activity; or
  • Unless authorized by permit, place, throw, cast or otherwise deposit snow.

608-36. Protection of wildlife.

While in a park, no person shall:

  • Subject to the provisions of 608-37 [Zoos and Animal Displays], kill, attempt to kill, maim, injure, trap or disturb wildlife without a permit;
  • Touch, injure or remove a nest or egg without a permit;
  • Feed or attempt to feed or deposit food for consumption by wildlife; or
  • Release into a park pets, animals or domesticated species.

608-29. Bicycles.

While in a park, no person shall:

  • Ride or operate or be in possession of a bicycle where posted to prohibit bicycles;
  • Obstruct, inconvenience or endanger other users of the park while riding or operating a bicycle;
  • Construct or assemble any ramps, jumps, pathways or obstacle courses; or
  • Ride or operate a bicycle in a manner which results in damage to trails, vegetation, trees, fauna or other natural features.

Read the full municipal code

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