Native Plant Sale

unlikely in 2020

New Sept 1, 2019: Photos from the sale



The following information is reference information from our previous year's sales.

The sale may take place in front of the Greenhouse from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. In order to have plants for everyone to enjoy, large orders will be available only after 1:00 from the remaining stock.

CASH ONLY. $5 for small plants and $10 for larger ones. Parking is VERY limited at the Grenadier Restaurant. Please use transit, walk or bike if possible.

Map to Native Plant Sale and Greenhouse (off Centre Road SE from the Grenadier Restaurant)

This plant sale supports the work of the High Park Stewards and native plant restoration in High Park.

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Please help us by printing up your choice of poster and putting them up where you think people will appreciate it.

Plant Sale Poster 1 for 2019 #1 8.5x11(pdf)

or Plant Sale Poster 2 for 2019 #1 8.5x11(pdf)

Plant Sale Volunteer Sign-up form 2019

Current Plant Sale Info

Chart List of plants for 2019 (pdf)

Chart List of plants for 2019 (xlsx)

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Plant Growing Resources

Savannah Plants photo brochure

For Self Guided Tours. 8.5x14 format (pdf) Designed by Lisa Kemp

World Wildlife Federation Native Plant Encyclopedia

LEAF Why Plant in Fall? (LEAF newsletter Aug 2019)

Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park High Park Wildflowers

In the Zone Gardens In the Zone Gardens a project of the Carolinia Canada and WWF-Canada

North American Native Plant Society Native Plant Database

Lorraine Johnson books on growing native plants Books on Amazon

More gardening resources


Plant Lists and Handouts from previous years

The plants that will be available at our sale depends on what has survived the winter. Many of the same plants are available from year to year so this list should give you some idea of what we will have.

Plant photos with sun and shade conditions

Plants by Bloom Time (xls)

More info on this website for Plants

Plant Sale 2016 photos and volunteers

Plant Sale 2017 photos and volunteers

Plant Sale 2018 Volunteer Photos



Archive information

List of available plants - 2013 (pdf), Plant Sale Flyer for 2013 (pdf).

Plant photos - previous years (pdf)

Great Blue Lobelia
beautiful summer bloom for partial shade
Solomon's Seal
early spring blooms for shade
Cardinal Flower
for damp or wet soil, attracts Hummingbirds
tolerates dry soil, bees love it
early spring plant for moist soil
Wild Bergamot or Bee Balm
great for attracting pollinators
Black Eyed Susan
Summer blooms in sunny location
Wild Columbine
early bloomer, hummingbirds like nectar
Spotted Joe Pie Weed
well-drained moist soil, butterflies
New England Aster
late bloomer, birds, bees, butterflies
Blazing Star
Summer blooms in sunny location
Wild Ginger
lovely ground cover for shade
Clematis (Virgin's Bower)
a vine with clusters of while flowers
Wild Strawberry
very small berries in early summer
Bottlebrush Grass
a distinct shape for partial shade or sun
Wild Rye
sandy or clay, provides nesting materials and seeds


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