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Damselfly Gallery

Ebony Jewelwings mating
Karen Yukich

Dragonfly or Damselfly? Dragonflies, in general, are larger and more robust than damselflies. Dragonflies hold their wings out to the side when at rest, while damselflies usually fold their wings up over their back when at rest. (Spreadwing damselflies may hold their wings open partway or fold them over their backs.) In true dragonflies the head is rounded and the compound eyes touch each other at the top (except in one family). In damselflies, the head is wide, almost dumbbell-shaped. The space between the compound eyes is wider than the eye itself.

For more information about damselflies and dragonflies, see Dragonflies & Damselflies.

See High Park Odonate List including status (Excel file)

See also the Dragonfly Gallery

Emerald Spreadwing
Bob Yukich
Slender Spreadwing
Bob Yukich
Taiga Bluets mating
Bob Yukich
Tule Bluet
Bob Yukich
Familiar Bluets mating
Bob Yukich
Marsh Bluets mating
Bob Yukich
Skimming Bluet (male)
Bob Yukich
Orange Bluets mating
Bob Yukich
Eastern Forktail (male)
Bob Yukich
Eastern Forktail (female)
Bob Yukich
Eastern Forktail (female immature)
Bob Yukich
Sedge Sprite (female)
Bob Yukich

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