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HIGH PARK NATURE is a joint project of the High Park Natural Environment Committee and High Park Stewards. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, articles and photos. Please contact us at mail@highparknature.org

ABOUT THE PHOTOS: Most of the photos on this site were contributed by local photographers and taken in High Park. Please do not copy or reproduce them without permission. If you would like to contribute photos (low resolution) for this website, please contact us at mail@highparknature.org

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Bob Yukich

Explore High Park in Winter

Visit High Park in winter and see what is often obscured by summer's greenery.

Winter Birds
This female Northern Cardinal may be more easily seen in High Park during the winter. Birds (Photo by Mila Ark)
Get Outside!

Winter Walking Tours and Nature Hikes

High Park History

Ice Harvesting & Winter Wonderland

Animals in Winter

Read about wildlife in winter in High Park

Learn more about winter birding

The Bridges of High Park
Step over a bridge in High Park to explore what comes next! (Photo by Peter Weis)
Taking in the sunshine
Coyote at rest. Photo by Tony Pus
Gulls on Ice
Gulls overwinter in the Toronto area and sometimes rest on the open ice of Grenadier Pond. (Photo by Katherine Pawling)
Getting Ready for Winter
Chipmunks store food in the fall, then wake every few days in the winter to feed inside their burrows. More about animals
The Ice Storm December 2013
The Oak Savannah after the Ice Storm. (Photo by David Allen)
Ducks in Winter
Ducks find food and shelter in the open waters at the north end of Grenadier Pond.
The Marsh in Winter
The marsh at the north end of Grenadier Pond.
What Winter Reveals
Trees show their true shape in winter (Photo by Peter Weis)
Ridout Pond
Besides Grenadier Pond, there are several other ponds in High Park.
All About Galls
Galls are one strategy insects insects use to make sure their offspring survive the winter .
What Winter Reveals
Watch for signs of bird activity in the winter woods
What Winter Reveals
Trees show their true shape in winter

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