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HIGH PARK NATURE is a joint project of the High Park Natural Environment Committee and High Park Stewards. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, articles and photos. Please contact us at mail@highparknature.org

ABOUT THE PHOTOS: Most of the photos on this site were contributed by local photographers and taken in High Park. Please do not copy or reproduce them without permission. If you would like to contribute photos (low resolution) for this website, please contact us at mail@highparknature.org

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Walking Tours, Talks, Workshops & Nature Hikes

Bob Yukich

A variety of walking tours, hikes, talks and workshops are offered in High Park:

Free Sunday Walking Tours

- High Park Walking Tour Committee

Family Nature Hikes, Talks & Workshops

- High Park Nature Centre

Winter Sunday Education Sessions

- High Park Stewards

See also: Savannah Plants Guide




Download the 2017 Sunday Walking Tours brochure

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When: 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month, including holidays.

Time: 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon.

Where: Meet at the benches, across the road from the south side of Grenadier Restaurant in the middle of High Park.

Walks may go on wooded trails, so please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Walks are led by volunteer scientists, historians, and local naturalists who will help you to understand and explore High Park’s many significant features. Walking Tours are volunteer-led with the support of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

Karen Yukich


Sunday, April 23

Spring Awakening Photo Buff Walk Professional photographer David Allen helps you frame the best seasonal images. Bring your camera, iPad or other photo device.

Sunday, May 7

The Amazing Birds of the Park

Listen, watch, spot and identify resident and migratory birds with experienced birder Brian Bailey.

Sunday, May 21

The Ecology of Grenadier Pond

Spring brings big changes to Grenadier Pond and the pond centres much of the local ecosystem. Senior Aquatic Ecologist Christine Tu-Parker connects the activity.

Sunday, June 4

Spring Babies at the Zoo

High Park’s zoo has been operating for over 120 years! Zookeeper Sonya Dittkrist introduces new animal arrivals. A great outing for children! Ends at the petting zoo and llama pen.

Sunday, June 18

Plants and Flowers

Naturalist Ron Luft leads a trail walk through the spring flora, exploring natural and restored areas.


High Park Nature Centre

Family walks are great for all ages! No pre-registration necessary. Walks are led by staff of the High Park Nature Centre.

All walks meet at the High Park Nature Centre at 375 Colborne Lodge Drive unless special instructions are given. More information.

All Family Nature Walks are supported by Toronto Field Naturalists. Recommended donation $2-$5 / person or donate-what-you-can. No registration required unless otherwise indicated.


Saturday, Jan. 21, 1:30–3:00pm - Frosty Fairies Dryads, Wood Nymphs, Fairies & Gnomes! High Park’s magical woodland creatures work hard to make High Park a winter wonderland. They need our help to build some well insulated fairy homes. Please support your local fairies. More details

Saturday, Feb. 4, 1:30–3:00pm - The Sleeping Skeletons of High Park Come explore High Park’s “Sleeping Skeletons” such as our majestic Oaks, hardy Maples and whimsical Willows. Learn how to ID trees during their winter dormancy by studying their buds, twigs and bark. More details

Saturday, Feb. 18, 1:30–3:00pm - Trekking and Tracking Brush up on your tracking skills by exploring signs of animals in High Park. Learn to identify shelters, tracks, scat, and more! More details

Saturday, Feb. 25, 1:30–3:00pm - Know Your Nature led by High Park Rangers youth volunteers. Learn about the plants and animals in High Park from the young naturalists of the High Park Rangers group! We will explore woodlands and black oak savannah habitats to learn fascinating facts and connect with the nature surrounding us. More details

Saturday, March 18, 1:30–3:00pm - Amazing Animal Adaptations Come explore the amazing adaptations the animals in High Park have that help them survive and tough it out during our harsh Canadian winters. More details

Saturday, March 25, 1:30–3:00pm - Know Your Nature led by youth. Learn about the plants and animals in High Park from the young naturalists of the High Park Eagles group! We will explore woodlands and black oak savannah habitats to learn fascinating facts and connect with the nature surrounding us. More details

Saturday, April 8, 1:30 to 3:00 pm - Burning the Black Oak Savannah Explore the endangered Black Oak Savannah ecosystem in High Park. Learn the indigenous peoples' role in the creation and maintenance of the Savannah and how the city continues to restore it through yearly burns. More details

Saturday, April 22, 1:30 to 3:00 pm - Nifty Nests and Bouncing Babies - Family Nature Walk Springtime breathes new life into High Park as many of our residents are having babies! Explore who is being born at this time of year. Look out for their nifty and creative nests and learn about some of the more quirky mating behaviours. More details


Winter Birding for Beginners (ADULTS)

Wednesday, Jan. 25, 6-8pm (workshop) and Sunday, Jan. 29, 8-10am (hike).

Learn the basics of birding from expert birder Emily Rondel! Find out how to identify birds by sight and sound, how to use a field guide and binoculars to their maximum potential, and where to look for them in Toronto’s biggest park and beyond.

  • Learn the basics of birding
  • Identify birds by sight and sound
  • Go on a Guided Birding Hike in High Park (moderate difficulty)

Cost: $50.00. More details. Register

Introduction to Bird Drawing (ADULTS)

Thursday, Feb. 23rd 6-9pm (workshop)

Led by Alan Li. This workshop will introduce drawing techniques using an assortment of bird specimens. Using graphite pencils, participants will learn how to start a drawing, shading techniques, expressive line work and the role of light in creating texture and dimension. By the end of the workshop, students will have a solid grasp of the fundamentals that will allow them to draw birds with increased confidence.

Cost: $50.00. More details. Register

High Park Lichens - the Corals of the Forest (ADULTS)

Saturday, March 18, 1 to 5 pm (workshop)

LIchens are composite organisms found in High Park, a special place that acts as a refuge for these sensitive species. Join research scientist Dr. Troy McMullin for a presentation, hike, and lab time in the Nature Centre. Learn how to identify lichen species in the park. Cost: $50.00 Register

Winter Tree I.D. (ADULTS)

Sunday, March 26, 1 to 5 pm (workshop)

City of Toronto forest ecologist and self-described 'nature nerd' Nousheen Ahmed will lead this workshop. Participants will build skills and knowledge as they learn how to identify the trees of Ontario, while the trees are still 'asleep'. Workshop includes a discussion and guided hike. Cost $50.00 Register

For more events within and outside High Park, see Other Groups & Events


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