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Boulevard Beds

The Boulevard Beds are a wildflower demonstration garden located around the perimeter of the parking lot east of the Grenadier Café and Teahouse.

The High Park Volunteer Stewardship Program started planning the Boulevard Beds during Fall, 2000 as a way to show the public what High Park's native plants look like. The three Beds were called the Peninsula or North Bed (the northernmost, adjoining the Tablelands), the Centre Bed, and the South Bed.

Summer Boulevard Bed Flowers
Sharon Lovett

Planting began in 2001. When the planting started, the beds were bare earth. The ground was dug up, sand and small boulders brought in and the whole area landscaped. A variety of native flowers and shrubs were planted. The Boulevard Beds were officially opened in the late summer of 2004.

Now these beds are a flourishing showcase of the Oak Savannah ecosystem that exists throughout less publicly-accessed areas of the park. Throughout the growing season a multitude of colour can be seen - in the spring serviceberry trees bloom white and smooth roses pink, in the summer there is blue hairy beardtongue and orange butterfly weed and in the fall there are yellow goldenrods and purple and white asters.

More on the Boulevard Beds History and plants found in the Boulevard Beds (doc)

Boulevard Beds 2002
Sharon Lovett
Uncovering the Boulevard Beds in Spring
Sharon Lovett
Spring Growth
Sharon Lovett
May in the Boulevard Beds
Sharon Lovett
Logs provide nutrients and structure
Sharon Lovett
Butterfly Milkweed and Penstemon
Sharon Lovett
Sky Blue Asters and Goldenrod
Sharon Lovett
Summer Growth
Sharon Lovett
Different flowers every week
Sharon Lovett
Volunteer Stewards learning about native plants
Sharon Lovett

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